صنایع رباتیک آراد

صنایع رباتیک آراد

توزیع و فروش ربات های کمک آموزشی و برگزاری کلاس آموزشی رباتیک و مسابقات رباتیک

رباتیک در ایران


Robotics Science and fusion of several new topics and applications are especially important for the prosperity and advancement in technology and industry is responsible for a country. On investment in order to facilitate intelligent tools for human affairs and becoming very valuable work is honored.

Robotics consists of 3 field power, computers and mechanics are. If you like a human robot suppose the basic three components we can not neglect.

1 - the human brain: Robotics, computer engineering major role in writing a program in artificial intelligence are responsible.

2 - nerves and senses: for understanding human existence and the life of the senses to help and after sending to the brain, the brain commands the body part to do certain work. Nerves main role in this download and send information have been responsible. Robotics, the electrical engineers with electrical and electronic elements and wires are designed Mdaraty work done similar to human nerves.

3 - It is true that having human senses, nerves and brain is full of intellectual vision, but this power is need for a configuration and without any view is interesting. Robotics Mechanical Engineers responsible for design and are built robot.

Tuesday the robotic

Isaac Asimov Robots 3 law known to have considered the following:

1 - should not cause damage to reach the robot is human.

2 - Robot must follow the orders issued by the human body to Mgrmvardy first law is the cause.

3 - robot must protect its own existence except in cases can lead to violations is the first and second.

With advances in science over time and the Industrial Revolution in Europe, taken that need more precise speed up more and less fatigue, more was felt. So scientists Fkrsakht their machines went to work. Since then, factories in parts of electromechanical machines were used. In the form of industrial mechanization began.

Great troubleshooting these units being single-purpose and it was not flexible. Change the plant or part of the product must be total units were re-designed. The more the progress of science, computers were invented and were expanded. The extent that the home was also found. Then think of expensive industrial machines combine the electromechanical computers went with them to allow programming to be able to single machine to do some work, That the robots were built.

Robotics in

Science Robotics in Nvpast. So that can be said: Robotics in Iran still is not known. This situation, while Iran one of the largest importers Robot is industrial. Each year, many charge exchange Buy robot, the country is. In most of our plants are used bots. Factories such as steel, automotive, food and ... Can be considered, almost all robotic. Unfortunately, all the Robot it is imported, and even install and control, and maintenance of it for the foreigners are.

To rear staying beyond the country's science Robotics, field engineering Robotics in 1381 founded and unfortunately the last year (1387) Post University Provides Its Shahrood University of Technology respectively. Now, this degree University Hamadan is taught. But the university is enough? Answer is clear and the goals of Vision 20 years now at all universities, industry, be taught.

Some people in the use of robot equal fired power do know and the development of the opposition are. But they of this neglect that place human resources to work everyday and duplication, waste of manpower is. Instead be the thankless work where the other was to serve.

Each year, several competitions Robotics at the country level to be held that can be said of all it has rules and fixed a shape and repetitive, and any rules native do. Unfortunately, in this tournament will be seen to the eye target. (Unlike the competition for industrial countries, a device for improving their industry know.)

Unfortunately, none of us, any day or week in the week as Robotics, at least for me its important we Ngzydh. And for improving the effort did not and do not.

If we want Iran to progress worthy is your reach to obstacles from the front of the survey. In the first step is better than following a step sealed survey:.

1 - Introduction to the science and benefits of robotic robots

2 - established field engineering Industrial Robotics in all universities in

3 - Holding Robotics competitions in the fields targeted towards indigenous production of wealth through science

4 - the trust industry to force internal

5 - identify specific week to week Robotics

6 - more solidarity between people, groups and companies active in the field of Robotics

+ نوشته شده در جمعه شانزدهم بهمن 1388ساعت 18:30 توسط مهندس تالیا براری

رباتیک یک مسابقه ای از ربات ها نیست . رباتیک علمی است برای ساخت ربات های صنعتی و اینکه چگونه بتوانیم مخترع شویم . صنایع هدفمند آراد ، بزرگترین تولید کننده ی ربات های آموزشی امسال در استان مازندران کار خود را با مهندسین و اساتید دانشگاه و بسیاری از بزرگان شروع نموده است و مبنای کار خود را توسعه ی علم در استان مازندران قرار داده است . لذا از تمامی علاقه مندان از سن 10 سال تا 25 سال دعوت به عمل می آید . فرصت را از دست ندهید
نماینده شرکت صنایع هدفمند آراد

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