صنایع رباتیک آراد

صنایع رباتیک آراد

توزیع و فروش ربات های کمک آموزشی و برگزاری کلاس آموزشی رباتیک و مسابقات رباتیک

معرفی شرکت

- Presentation and policies

Technical Company Vmhndsy targeted industries Arad (SAHA), composed of university students and graduates of Tehran and Mashhad, and ... to the science Mnzvrtvsh robotic science and technology development in line was established. Mhndsynfal box set of companies from different universities across the country levels education is. Some of the company's activities include:

- Robotics classes in schools including schools of business acumen

- Track projects and initiatives, students invented the design stage and to simulate manufacturing

- Setup Robotics competitions in the country

- Create an atmosphere for industrial projects

Is required for all products Vtdvyn system engineers working group is obtained and is purely internal.

Policies :

Our mission is that robot industries and electronics circuit had always growing and increasing capabilities of scientific and technical staff, while reducing dependence on outside and the environment, have produced top quality products, customer satisfaction and welfare Fahim and his staff provide diligent rude policies in this regard the following has been determined;

1 - Background to building staff development and promotion of quality culture development and participation and increase productivity Mvsrkarknan

2 - Arzbry and reduce dependence on specific sources of supply through domestic development and new supply sources

3 - Increasing market share and promoting competition and gain power relative advantages in products, relying on innovation and new products and constantly improve quality management and achieving zero waste

4 - Focus on performance and increase customer satisfaction Nmvdn asked his

Our company in order to achieve above their quality management system based on ISO9001: 2000 standard for all processes and ISO/ts16949: 2002 for the processes to realize products with continuous and all staff committed to keeping the run and continuous improvement activities in all system components.

Company Resume:

- Training students in 2650 terms 1,2 and 3 in 1387

2 - Holding 148 courses in 84 class training center in the country

3 - contract with municipal special Semnan students

4 - Educational License to education Kerman

5 - holding training centers Talent, Mashhad, Qom, Kerman, Amol, Ghaemshahr and Abadan

6 - holding period in Isfahan and Qom Pzhvhshsray student

7 - holding special training courses in information technology student council Semnan

8 - Magazine 4 students in the organization of documents and participating in 5 projects, more than 50 students in the Khwarizmi International Award

9 - Training of more than 1200 people in October to the first

- Benefits and Services Company

Many community groups and education that ultimately pay Robotics Education Robotics competitions, including the prosecution of war line robots and soccer robots and ... Students know and hold the same levels so that students think that only the Host Robotics.

Engineering Company Zadmhr targeted industries with high importance Drnzrgrftn what these competitions from the perspective of the staff and see how attractive and also more than 20 competition held last year beyond the end of the story and seen the invention of students to various companies, especially Drjshnvarh Festival Award to lead. Vklasyk codified training methods being invented and produced the desired inventive projects Our biggest achievement is one.

Last Summer 4 students in 5 Mashhadi successful construction and have their patent.

Special and distinct advantages SAHA system:

1 - compiled educational system each semester for students in the flash appeal, which is designed to create a lot of them.

2 - Training software engineering students to special education is taught and students can design this software robots are another head Prvrannd Vafy enough to take advantage.

3 - bots are designed such that students after passing the course by building robots capable of learning without the need to help robots learn company will.

4 - Training Topics All Topics applications, training will be given to students and students would not need to write leaflet.

5 - All Topics practical theory of the heart program is designed so that students feel the course and not hard.

+ نوشته شده در جمعه شانزدهم بهمن 1388ساعت 18:29 توسط مهندس تالیا براری

رباتیک یک مسابقه ای از ربات ها نیست . رباتیک علمی است برای ساخت ربات های صنعتی و اینکه چگونه بتوانیم مخترع شویم . صنایع هدفمند آراد ، بزرگترین تولید کننده ی ربات های آموزشی امسال در استان مازندران کار خود را با مهندسین و اساتید دانشگاه و بسیاری از بزرگان شروع نموده است و مبنای کار خود را توسعه ی علم در استان مازندران قرار داده است . لذا از تمامی علاقه مندان از سن 10 سال تا 25 سال دعوت به عمل می آید . فرصت را از دست ندهید
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